Employee Recognition

Employee Recognition


2022 Employee of the 4th Quarter: Jade Williams


Staff: Jade Williams

Position:  Family and Youth Care Coordinator, FFT and BFC

Location: Circuit 12

Time with BAYS: 1 year 

Jade has been with BAYS for a little bit over one fun-filled year. She's got the opportunity to work at JDAP and  is currently working in the FFT program. Originally from Bradenton, FL, she went to school at Florida State University (GO NOLES!).  Jade believe that if I wasn’t a therapist   " I would be a fashion designer because I love being creative and making clothes. I have always been a big believer in providing the youth with a safe space to talk about anything and everything going on in their lives and I will stive to accomplish this everyday with every opportunity I receive..."  Thank you for being with us Jade!