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Ranked Among the Best

Talented Teams

Recently we asked our team leads about their department's role at BAYS and what they look for in team members. Read more about what they had to say!

Juvenile Diversion Alternative Program Team (JDAP)

Can you give an overview of what your program does?

JDAP is a post-arrest diversion program that utilizes an array of services designed around an individual service plan to address the specific needs of the youth we serve. The JDAP program empowers the youth through the positive youth development model and focuses on engaging and meeting the youth where they are which allows them to self-reflect, take accountability, and learn new skills to build a pathway to a successful future. 

Across the state, JDAP has a team of culturally competent and dedicated individuals that work together to embody BAYS core values, which are professionalism, responsibility, integrity, dedication, and enthusiasm. The BAYS team also personifies the agency’s mission of believing in the inherent worth of all youth and families.

What type of work does the team regularly perform?

JDAP utilizes a team approach when collaborating with the youth and care giver to develop the youth’s individual service plan. The case manager serves as an advocate and support system for the youth and family to foster a successful outcome. Typically conducting monthly home and field visits, as well as reviewing files for quality, and engaging with community providers to ensure they are receiving the services needed to be successful. We also collaborate closely with school officials to aid the youth in achieving any educational goals.

What characteristics does a successful member of your team display?

A successful team member will display a passion for working with youth and families, they are team players and able to thrive in a fast-paced environment. Successful team members are also self-starters who are motivated by the success of the youth on their caseloads and they personify innovation and adaptability. They also exhibit strong organization, time management, and communication skills.

Any awards or recognitions your team has recently received?

JDAP is reviewed annually by our funder, and we have managed to maintain an overall satisfactory rating for over 15+ years. Internally, staff can be nominated for the BAYS High-Five Award and featured in our monthly newsletter. Staff can also be nominated for Employee of the Quarter with the opportunity to win the Lawrence Siegal Employee of the Year Award. Based on the agency’s scorecard matrix, circuits are eligible to be named the Stephen J. McGrath Circuit of the Year as well. Additionally, the program supervisors can be nominated for the Charles E. Klug Supervisor of the Year Award. Lastly, we have staff to continuously go above and beyond with the youth and families and in their day-to-day duties. These staff often go unnoticed, but here at BAYS, we take the time to identify and nominate them for the Bill Bowman Award.  

BAYS has an annual meeting at the end of the year where all BAYS employees gather to celebrate the agency’s successes and that is when all the winners are announced.

Any team specific benefits or perks?  

BAYS offers a flexible schedule to encourage a healthy work-life balance. We are innovative in the ways we support staff by allowing them to take one self-appreciation day per quarter and two floating holidays a year. We also offer some autonomy in the role and merit increases when applicable. BAYS celebrates employees annually during the anniversary month of April and provides an annual meet-up in December to learn and engage with all teams across the state.

H.O.P.E. Team

Can you give an overview of what your program does?

Family Support Partners work collaboratively with community-based partnerships to successfully prevent children from entering out-of-home care, while ensuring the safety, well-being and permanency of children and families. Through intensive, in-home services, the H.O.P.E. program will oversee the transition of children who have entered the Child Welfare Dependency System is an in-home prevention and diversion program. 

The H.O.P.E. team walks along side of the caregivers as they navigate through the process of obtaining services needed to support each family member. Our team has the ability to provide coping skills, co-parenting skills, reflective listening skills, reward and consequence charts and multiple forms of psychoeducational material.

What type of work does the team regularly perform?

One to two In-home family meetings weekly with caregivers and their children; school visits; intense case management; and accompanying family members to multiple types of appointments.

What characteristics does a successful member of your team display?

Service driven; dedicated to others; dependable; able to work independently; enjoys a team approach; a person of integrity; and a person who has a passion for helping families heal.

Any awards or recognitions your team has recently received?

We have been affirmed for being “highly professional,” “dedicated to helping families in need” and for maintaining “excellent” lines of communication with our funder and other stakeholders we work with daily. The H.O.P.E. program is known by fellow providers for being a welcoming program to collaborate with and for representing the BAYS company with great dignity.

Any team specific benefits or perks?  

The opportunity to work remotely while also being part of a team. The ability to work independently as well as alongside other team members on occasions such as group supervision, team outings and multiple training events. A positive perk to serving on the HOPE team at BAYS is the incredible support system found within the company from all departments. No one serves alone at BAYS!

S.T.R.I.V.E. Team

Can you give an overview of what your program does?

S.T.R.I.V.E. works with youth and families to increase stability in their home. We provide community referrals and support for our families and crisis management to increase stability in the home. 

What type of work does the team regularly perform?

Work with youth and families in the community to prevent removals, assist with reunifications, and behavior modification. We work with families in their home.

What characteristics does a successful member of your team display?

Driven, Self-Motivated, Kind, Patient, Empathetic

Any awards or recognitions your team has recently received?

Due to the excellent work performance of the team our funder, Community Partnership For Children, Inc., expanded program services in less than 1 year. Now BAYS S.T.R.I.V.E. program has the ability to serve more families.

Any team specific benefits or perks?  
  • Flexibility to create own work schedule 
  • Ability to be creative when working with youth and families 
  • Works in conjunction with case management services to prevent removals/support reunification

BAYS Family Connections Team

Can you give an overview of what your program does?

The BFC program focuses on providing in-home evidence-based family therapy utilizing the Functional Family Therapy modality. Team members are responsible for delivering short-term evidence-based family counseling service designed for 11-to-18-year-old youth who are at risk or have been referred for behavioral or emotional problems. 

Individuals on the BFC team come from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds and experience.  At the core of each team member is the ability to develop relationships with at-risk youth and families.

What type of work does the team regularly perform?
  • Carry a caseload of 10-12, providing services from 3 to 6 months.
  • Provide, at minimum, weekly clinical sessions in home. 
  • Participate in ongoing training and development internally and externally in partnership with funders. 
  • Administer clinical assessments to families served.
What characteristics does a successful member of your team display?
  • Believes in the importance of keeping families together
  • Comfort working in client’s homes and in the community
  • Willing/able to work non-traditional schedule.  
  • Open to peer supervision and feedback 
  • Resilient, able to manage the emotional intensity of the work
  • Energetic / enthusiastic 
  • Desire to help others
  • Flexible / creative / open-minded 
  • Ability to listen, respect and understand different perspectives of family members
  • Strong interpersonal ability including ability to be empathic and warm
Any awards or recognitions your team has recently received?

Our teams have received endless recognition from stakeholders and partners, specifically in their ability to engage resistant families. Our teams have also received praise from FFT LLC regarding the internal structure of learning and development developed by BAYS.

Any team specific benefits or perks?  

Flexible work schedule, team building opportunities, opportunities for growth and development, collaboration, and support on multiple levels to include peer mentorship, group trainings, and leadership exposure.

Perks of Working at BAYS

Every day, we refine, iterate and explore how to make work better and meaningful for our employees.

Mission that Matters

BAYS works in partnership with individuals, families, and communities to inspire change, growth, and success.

BAYS envisions communities that believe in the value and worth of all people and their ability to change, grow, and succeed.

Monthly Recognition

BAYS sends out a monthly newsletter to all staff which includes birthdays and anniversaries, staff volunteering, special achievements, impressions, Employee of the Quarter and more!

Annual Celebration

At the end of each year staff gather for a celebration that includes, fun games, food, recognition, and many surprises.

Face Time with the CEO

BAYS President and CEO visits each office to give real-time information and receive questions and connect with coworkers and leadership.

Why Our Employees Love Working at BAYS

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The team I work with is Phenomenal! Our Supervisor is Wonder Woman with everything she does and the way she leads our team. I feel empowered, and valued for what I do and the help i am providing the youth and families on my case load.

I love my job because I get to make a positive impact on the families in my community. I love the team I work with. I love that although there may be times of stress and overwhelm, the support and encouragement I receive makes it easier to manage.

I love my job because I know that the work that I do contributes to something meaningful, I trust my cohorts, and think the culture of the organization is positive.

I have the flexibility I need to have a positive work-life balanced. The leadership teams shows their appreciation to staff and encourage team cohesion. I am able to help other with issues that they may have on the daily biases. I have a awesome boss, that is willing to teach us and encourages us to learn so we could grow.

The team is so wonderful and supportive. the mission is one that aligns with my values and passions. there is healthy work/life balance, and the agency genuinely seems to care about their team.

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Balance + Benefits

We work hard to ensure that every employee feels supported and encouraged to have a healthy balance between work and home commitments. We believe rest and a full life outside of the office makes for a happier, healthier team.

Personal and Professional Growth

Employee Wellbeing

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Flexible Schedules

Self-Appreciation Days

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Our Values Guide Everything We Do

Over the years our name, mission, and vision have been updated, but our core values have stayed the same.