Privacy Policy


BAYS complies with all applicable security policies of its various funders, and employs adequate security measures to protect employee, client, and funder information, including applications, data, resources, and services. This includes the appropriate management of personal data to guarantee its privacy while conducting online business.

BAYS, will never ask for the following information through online portals or platforms, excluding platforms outside of BAYS domain such as JJIS: Social Security, Date of Birth, HIPAA or any other PID or PHI information.


BAYS has designed this policy as a statement that demonstrate its firm commitment to privacy while using certain technology platforms, more specifically:

  • Website
  • Forms and online surveys
  • Online Meetings as an external Guest
  • Other events where data is registered using a web browser

It is BAYS’s expressed desire not to sell nor marketize the data collected while visiting or utilizing the technology platforms.  However, BAYS is not responsible for third parties’ actions while the data is entered, for example:

  • Malware installed in the visitor or guest computers
  • Third parties’ cookies in the browsers
  • Auto fill forms with data already populated

Likewise, this Policy does not cover nor intents to replace any current internal or employee policies in effect.  It is solely to provide privacy policies guidelines to non-employees or visitors to the platforms mentioned above.


Each platform that is covered by this policy may record different type of data, depending on the platform’s nature.  However, it is BAYS practice of not collecting data used for marketing purposes or subsequent sale, regardless of its content.  Tracking cookies are neither in use by BAYS. Website, Including the Client portal

  • IP address (for security and troubleshooting purposes)
  • Date and Time accessed
  • What type of browser used
  • All pages accessed
  • Region or location from where the Website was accessed
Forms and Online Surveys
  • Email Address (to send the form only, not included when answering)
  • Mobile phone (to send the form only, not included when answering)
  • Time and Date the form was accessed
  • City where you reside
Online Meetings as an external Guest
  • Email Address
  • IP Address (For support and security reasons)
  • Date and time accessed
  • Location or region
Other events where data is registered using a web browser
  • Email Address
  • Full physical address
  • IP Address (For support and security reasons)
  • Phone or Cell phone
  • Date and time the website was accessed
  • Location or Region
  • BAYS may provide security measures such as encryption, firewalls and certificates in the websites and platforms they physically own.  However, since BAYS technology platform its Cloud Based, the cloud operator provides with the encryption and protection necessary to keep the client or visitor experience safe, therefore such security mechanisms are not governed by BAYS.

This policy will allow BAYS to adequately provide its technology platform to guests and visitors with expected privacy policies to protect the data entered in the platforms mentioned above.