Employee of The Quarter!

Staff: Tatiana M. Delgado Delgado
Position: Senior Case Manager
Location: Circuit 15 (Palm Beach County)
Time with BAYS: 1 year and 3 months

My name is Tatiana M. Delgado Delgado, better known as "Tati" for short. I was born and raised in Puerto Rico and moved to Florida in pursuit of a career in which I am passionate about. I have always been drawn to the convergence between psychology and the Criminal Justice System. With a bachelor’s in psychology and master’s in forensic psychology, I was easily intrigued into working with the JDAP Program within BAYS.
The job covers all my professional interests directly and indirectly. My biggest challenge has been making the decision to move to Florida without any family. Initially it was a fear I had to overcome, believing within myself that I was making the right decision. However, having my BAYS Family and experiencing firsthand the BAYS culture has proven to me time and time again that I am where I need to be. I have no regrets and my wish is to continue developing professionally, working with kids and families to provide any resources necessary for their success and continue to expand my interests, experience, and growth within the company.
I am blessed to be a part of the BAYS Family. On a side note, I have also become the unofficial Spanish translator for my Circuit and some other circuits, which fills me with satisfaction as I regularly aide to reduce barriers in services due to language barriers.