BAYS Community Supervision Program (CSP)

BAYS Community Supervision Program serves as a cornerstone of Florida’s current juvenile detention reform efforts. Beginning with the implementation of a new Detention Risk Assessment Instrument (DRAI) on July 1, 2019, the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice has introduced a new juvenile detention continuum of services aimed at reserving secure detention placements for children most at risk of committing new delinquent acts while awaiting trial.  This effort will result in more children being supervised in the community during their initial detention period of 21 days.

The new continuum of detention services includes:

  • detention placements via home detention
  • evening reporting centers
  • intensive home detention
  • intensive home detention with electronic monitoring

BAYS will work with children being detained under home detention, intensive home detention, and intensive home detention with electronic monitoring with a goal of ensuring that the youth in this program do not commit any new delinquency offenses and remain compliant with the court’s detention order.  Our Community Supervision Specialists perform random compliance checks with clients, collaborate with local law enforcement agencies and DJJ, and work to reduce failure to appear rates from Brevard County south to Dade County Florida.

Program Contact

Sarah Barsalou

Senior Director of Program Operations