Juvenile Diversion Alternative Program (JDAP)

JDAP is a pre or post arrest diversion program that provides services based on individual youth and family needs. Only youth referred by the Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) and approved by the State Attorney’s Office (SAO) in the judicial circuit in which services are to be provided, shall be admitted to JDAP. JDAP is a strength based model built on the principles of risk and responsivity.  The team starts by assessing the needs of the youth admitted into the program and then tailoring an individualized service plan to reduce the risk of recidivism. 

Admission Criteria

(include but not limited to)

  • Any misdemeanor offender
  • Misdemeanor offenders with a prior adjudication
  • Second time misdemeanor offenders with a prior adjudication
  • Violent first degree misdemeanors offenders
  • First time felony offenders (of the third degree)
Services Provided
  • Assessment of strengths as well as risk factors 
  • Scheduling, supervision and monitoring of interventions including court-ordered sanctions such as community service and restitution
  • Provision of psychoeducational services through evidence based platforms 
  • Vocational and educational support services 
  • Referral to and monitoring of substance abuse services
  • Referral to and monitoring of mental health services
Duration of Program

The standard length of time for youth participation in the program is two to four months, depending on identified needs.   The goal is to match the level of intervention and/or supervision to the risk of each individual youth.

Release from Program

Once a youth completes the interventions on their individual service plan, the case is prepared for successful closure.  As part of the aftercare and or transition planning, the youth and/or family is connected to community resources to support their ongoing success.  

Program Contact

Owanna Stout

Senior Director of Diversion Services