Who We Are?

BAYS works in partnership with individuals, families, and communities to inspire change, growth, and success. Lifelab Studios designs innovations that unlock human potential.

What We Do?

Together, we are partnering to share a transformational learning framework and support services that provides a systematic, research-based, next-gen approach to the development of at-risk youth and staff from both juvenile justice and child welfare.

Why It Works?

Available anytime, anywhere. Small group learning improves growth, increases staff connectedness, supports persistence to completion, and increases members' transfer from knowledge to application. Motivations are central to learning, this platform centers around the "why" reframing content around its real-world value.

Offers Personalized Platform Design

We develop software to meet the unique needs of your organization or jurisdiction.

Engages Staff and Builds Community

Lead with learners, goals that matter to them and world application.

Results In Improved Outcomes For Youth

Staff learn how to engage with and support youth. Youth learn to engage and support one another, leading to improved outcomes.

Utilizes Personal Stories

Stories provide a means of sharing history, tacit knowledge, critical thinking, and important details. They connect us to other people and give us the opportunity to rewrite a self narrative.

The Reasons Behind the Platform

At risk youth need personal growth to change their trajectories, they likely have experienced:

  • Episodes of abuse from adults;
  • A history of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES);
  • Poor choices with severe consequences; Few positive examples of pro-social development.

Many staff supporting at-risk youth overworked and need:

  • Knowledge of which protective factors youth need to grow;
  • Assessments that measure needs of youth;
  • A system that requires supporting youth change; and
  • Staff that is focused on youth programming.

This approach focuses growth on activities that are personally meaningful to youth. It is available anytime, anywhere in personalized technologies that youth already use. It connects youth with believable stories from relatable peers pursuing change. It supports progress across experiences and over time in ways that validate success. And, it allows trained growth facilitators to provide support and organization to track progress.

Unique Value Proposition

  • Rapid Design Uses Data
  • Research-based Growth Cycle
  • Small Group Growth Framework
  • Mobile-First Social and Growth
  • Growth Enabled Services
  • Tracks Progress with Data Analytics
  • Target Underserved Blue Oceans
  • Dynamic Feed with Smart Algorithms

Measurable Outcomes

Automatic monitoring of improved outcomes for youth and professionals based on their engagement with the platform. Positive Change Graph provides visual perspective of growth in Knowing, Becoming, Belonging, and Thriving. Provides micro certifications for youth and Arizona State Universtiv credits for professionals.

Program Contact

Robert Patterson

President & Chief Executive Officer